Dec 28, 2018

I knew the blog a short time ago and I'm really enjoying it. I feel that the blog will help me a lot with my studies. :D

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Oct 18

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  • Sandra Elise
    9 hours ago
  • Tomas Marcigliano
    4 days ago

    Hello everybody! I'm new here, i'm a highschool student in Argentina that has found Mariana's videos and hope to find more inspiration and study tips here 🤗🤗
  • R. Hofeleña
    4 days ago

    I'm very curious to know how many people are active in this forum so I'd like to ask a few questions to everyone! Just comment your answers. > Where are you from and what institution? > How far are you in your journey? > How are you feeling? > What's your major? > What are your goals? > What kind of people are you looking forward to meet in this forum? > How long have you been following Mariana? > In what sort of ways did Mariana helped you?

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