R. Hofeleña
Jan 26

Questions for everyone!

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Edited: Jan 26


I'm very curious to know how many people are active in this forum so I'd like to ask a few questions to everyone! Just comment your answers.

> Where are you from and what institution?

> How far are you in your journey?

> How are you feeling?

> What's your major?

> What are your goals?

> What kind of people are you looking forward to meet in this forum?

> How long have you been following Mariana?

> In what sort of ways did Mariana helped you?

2 days ago

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  • Sandra Elise
    4 days ago
  • Tomas Marcigliano
    2 days ago

    Hello everybody! I'm new here, i'm a highschool student in Argentina that has found Mariana's videos and hope to find more inspiration and study tips here 🤗🤗
  • Emily B.
    Oct 23

    It looks like I'm the old person in the forums thus far. I'm a post-doc, and already, ahem, old(er) for a student, since I had to put off college for many years at first. After a decade of academic struggles, I actually graduated from Cambridge last year. My PhD is in Literature, and I specialize in American turn-of-the-century women writers, genre fiction, Modernism, and gender studies. Currently, I'm applying for jobs along with four hundred other people in my field, sending out Fellowship apps, and submitting critical articles. I also write fiction in my spare time. After a couple moves, and being displaced from my academic community, I'm seeking inspiration and discussion in various other places. And since I've done a ton of academic mentoring, I can try to answer questions for those of you navigating the whole process.

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