Apr 9

Apple Desktop Apps for Cleaning the Computer


Does anyone know of any good applications that I can use to keep my computer clean and free for space? Thank you Kindly

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  • Luisa Vargas
    Apr 15

    Hi, I want to know what is your favorite app for mind maps? I remembered that Mariana did a video with Margin Note, but right now in the App Store there are 2 apps with the same name and the difference that I saw is that one has 3
  • sweetboo
    Sep 22

    I know this a frequently asked question by many, but I'm curious to know everyone's opinion on here. I'm in a situation where I have almost all of my acceptances, but some are away and some are close enough to commute to. A lot of my friends keeps on telling me to go away, but I feel like they are biased. I believe that they're just telling me so because that's what they personally want to do and they can't see why anyone would want to stay home. Finally, while I do like like my house and I would be commuting into the city so I wouldn't be cooped up all day, my home life can be a bit rocky mostly because my parents argue a lot. I'm also worried about how my parents will keep up once I'm gone since, lets be honest I'm the middle man lol. Please give me advice and opinions!

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