Jan 5

Dorming vs Staying home for college?


I know this a frequently asked question by many, but I'm curious to know everyone's opinion on here. I'm in a situation where I have almost all of my acceptances, but some are away and some are close enough to commute to. A lot of my friends keeps on telling me to go away, but I feel like they are biased. I believe that they're just telling me so because that's what they personally want to do and they can't see why anyone would want to stay home. Finally, while I do like like my house and I would be commuting into the city so I wouldn't be cooped up all day, my home life can be a bit rocky mostly because my parents argue a lot. I'm also worried about how my parents will keep up once I'm gone since, lets be honest I'm the middle man lol. Please give me advice and opinions!

Jan 5

In my opinion, the best thing that you can do at this moment is considered the bad and good things about it. Make a list! It will help you to make this decision.

I hope I helped you! 😉😊

Emily B.
Jan 6

I've done both in my very long, nontraditional time as a student. There are a number of things you can consider: 1. Expenses 2. Which school, if distance/cost wasn't an option, has the most resources for what you want to study? 3. Which campus did you like/feel most comfortable with when you visited? (If you haven't visited yet, VISIT! Talk to the students and profs and advisors there and get their opinions and suggestions.) I'd also strongly advise you to leave your parents and their relationship out of your consideration, as hard as that may be. I put off going away to school for almost 8 years because my mom _needed_ me close, and because no one in my family had ever done such a ridiculous thing like going away to college. Unless your parents are footing the bills, they don't have much say in this matter. Even if they ARE footing the bills, this is your decision to make. Between commuting and the family situation, going away can be beneficial in that you'll have more time to concentrate on your studies. After managing long commutes, chaotic home life, roommates, etc., I've come to prefer being on campus; it feels more like you're part of things, and you can get to last-minute meetings/rescheduled classes easier, and really access the university's resources. Furthermore, it's an important step towards adulthood and independence. That said, it's okay if you aren't ready to leave home just yet. If you can save considerable money for a year or two by choosing a college closer to home, that's important, too. Also remember that you can transfer after a year if it turns out you've made a decision that's not working out or you're miserable.

Sep 20


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