The monthly


Main rules

On the first day of every month, I will be picking one book to read with all of you during the course of 30 days. That book will be picked a little bit randomly according to what I feel like reading at the time. This book will not be featured in the 2019 Bookclub Edit so if you are picking your books from that list, the monthly bookclub will be an extra reading challenge.

Announcing the Book

The announcement will operate across all platforms, so whether you follow me on Instagram, YouTube or here on The Corner, you can expect the announcement to reach you on the first day of every month. If you subscribe to the Corner's newsletter, a sweet little e-mail will arrive at your inbox with the name of the book, a synposis and a link to purchase it (so if you haven't already subscribed, do it now!).

Discussing the Book

You are absolutely welcome to start your discussion anytime during the challenge! For that, you can either use our forum here at The Corner or send me your opinions and insights via e-mail at

If you are a fan of Goodreads, you can also join our Bookclub over there, by clicking this link.

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