Hello everyone! My name is Mariana and I am the founder and manager of Mariana's Study Corner - a small community of people focused on studying, learning and self-development. The Corner started in 2015 with a note-taking video that made me feel inspired to create more content in an area I have always been passionate about - learning.

Back in my Highschool years, I was an Arts student, which means that most of my classes consisted of drawing, painting and learning a ton of practical skills that ended up having little to no use in University. After graduating Highschool I decided to move on from the Arts dream and pursue a more sustainable field - Law. 

As a first-year student still fresh from three years of Arts, Law School was a nightmare. I had no study skills, had no clue about how to manage my time or take lecture notes. I fought my way to a reasonably good average after four years of learning through my mistakes, juggling a part-time job since I was 19 years old (when I started writing and filming content for The Corner) and trying to keep up with a healthy social life and full eight hours of sleep.

As of early 2019, I am finishing my Master's Degree in European/International Environmental Law. I have also returned to University to major in History and I am working to develop this platform and community even further!

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